Artist's Proofs (AP)

general rule

I follow the general rule that has been adhered to since the beginning of time… No more than 5% of any run can be a proof! since my maximum edition is 150 an authentic artist proof will never be higher than 8 (my AP editions historically number about 3 to 5). This Denotation is the most sought after for collectors of my art, although this tends to be double the Price, there is only one rarer denotation… MP, (model print), these additions are strictly limited to the number of people in the photograph that appeared nude. These values have yet to be determined.27 years ago an 8 x 10 MP sold for $500, when the 8 x 10 prices were only $250.

Original Art

All images are printed in extremely limited editions, each standard size (5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 24x36) is printed in a strictly limited edition of 150 pieces, outside of this range are one-of-a-kind's.

5 x 7… $225         AP $450

8 x 10… $450       AP $900

11 x 14… $900     AP $1800

16 x 20… $1800   AP $3600

24 x 36… $3600   AP $7200

These prices apply to the fine photo prints and include a signed mat and

C of A

Partial list of available images

At least one image from each city will be displayed along with a list of other locations photographed

This will definitely be an ongoing effort,the complete list could take some time, so for simplicity I decided to list the cities alphabetically (plus a super cool collector from Albuquerque wants to see some stuff!)

Ann Arbor Michigan

In no particular order, this will be the longest part of the project

I will put this in chronological order soon.

Albuquerque New Mexico



                                                                                                                                                   Double Feature

              Current Rave

                                                                                                                                                                 See ya!

                                          no cover

Also Photographed:


Bowwow Records

Fred's bread and bagels

Bud Stones pipe shop

The Candy Lady

The Christmas Shop

Old Town Indian Trading Post

Martha's Body Bueno

Route 66 Tattoo Shop Mural

Nature Lovers protesters trying to save a tree

Uncommon Grounds

Sandia Peak Tram

​Jack's liquor And Lounge

Open Mind Bookstore

La Patio