Weddings and Special Events

specializing in classic black and white

If you're going to spend good money for a wedding photographer, consider this, what do you want to end up with? And how do you want the day to go with respect to your pictures?

Ask yourself the following questions. Do you want "traditional" (standard) photographs? Turned into a photo album? Do you mind taking an hour or more after the ceremony for photographs? Is it okay if the photographer is getting more attention than you are by running around in front of everybody during key moments?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I am not the photographer for you. I look at a wedding like a documentary, and instead of a photo album I think more in terms of a coffee table book that tells the story in a photojournalistic way. The only way to catch the action without influencing it, is to stay out of it. I shoot in stealth compared to most photographers. I incorporate the use of tiny GoPro Cameras for key moments during the ceremony, the first kiss is my signature wedding shot. How many times have you seen a photograph of the first kiss with all the friends and family as the backdrop instead of a gazebo or something? I plan out all of the family photos ahead of time so your guests are only inconvenienced for 10 to 15 min. after the ceremony instead of hours, this is always great for summer weddings when the heat is hard to beat.Wedding packages start at $2400.