Here are some ASG pics

I love you!

For those of you who were not fortunate enough to meet Rhett, he was THE most nervous volunteer from the entire Cincinnati/Covington area, at first. He was the first one out of the gate at the County building/ Police department shot in Covington (Lovington). He was ready to assist and run security when he wasn't disrobing. Like running brocker when we shot the Police car (and 6 cops) in front of Lachey's. Rhett also put me up at his place for an entire month, so I could continue shooting during All Star Week. He was a super dooper guy. And he had great taste in friends. I am offering "friend " prices for any of the photos Rhett is featured in, simply make your selections and send me your contact info and I will drastically slash the price to make your art as affordable as I can make it, practically at cost. This will be for the entire month of February as a special memory of our friend Rhett.   

I am now a life-long fan of Cincinnati and Covington, I fell in love on the Roebling Bridge! The local history, beauty and pride are unmatched. I will be back in July for the All-Star game, to shoot the Davidson Fountain with a huge group! 

Goodbye Rhett, you will be missed

These amazing images were made possible with the help of the following people; First and foremost, Rod "the God" an Art patron from the Covington area, Goodfellas Pizza in Covington and Cincinnati, AM 700 (Bill Cunningham) ABC and Fox news, special thanks to City Beat and Jesse Fox for experiencing the Art from the inside. And of course, the 59 brave volunteers that had the courage to bare all in the name of Art.

Many more locations are on the list to shoot, I will be back, on occasion, to pay homage to the great institutions of this amazing area.