These photographs were all shot on the same day the model appeared in a public photo.

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Over the past 20 years I have had many opportunities to do "studio" photos with one or more of the volunteers from what I call my commercial work (public landmarks).I will start adding more and more of those photographs to this page so check back once in a while.

New Additions

Privately Commissioned Nudes

have a Harvey photo done of you!

We are all our own worst critic when we're looking at photographs of ourselves, even more so if it's a nude of ourselves. I believe the key to composing a good "studio nude" shot is for the subject to be at ease, and "in their element". That's why I always shoot at the clients home or some other place they are comfortable like vacation property or a park or farm. I have shot people with their classic cars, motorcycles a couple secluded log cabins and of course several Lady Godiva's on their horses! I also shoot couples, and groups. Full day photo sessions start at just $1800.

A tasteful black and white (or color) nude of yourself is truly the ultimate gift to your significant other. A testimonial to your trust and love for them. Have your nudes done by an internationally recognized nude photographer, benefit from over 20 years of experience.

If you want to have a special shot by Harvey of you (and/or anyone else) in public, say‚Ķ In front of your business or favorite establishment, that can be arranged too!