As of today, March 17, for the next 2 weeks, I will be staying in my apartment 24 hours a day. During this time of social distancing necessary due to COVID-19,  I want to get closer with all of my fans and collectors by updating my website every day with fresh content and interaction.

It's important that we all "breathe", let's help each other get through this. I do not want to be misunderstood, I don't think my art is going to "fix" anything, but if just one of my images makes you smile today then we all win. I want to contribute some stress relieving smiles if I can, while I can. This is my most recent creation.

You will get many uses out of your mask, and you can wash it! They are $25 each. This is a limited offer and availability may vary. Click the button and go directly to my email and place your order privately and safely, all plastic accepted. (even crypto!) I realize this is expensive for a mask, I pay $15 for 1 (one) plus postage and tax, and then I pay the postage to get the masks to you, so it's not a price gouge or anything. It's nice to have a "Dress Mask" for those nice evenings out on the town.

Every mask sold helps me as an independent Artist (with no unemployment insurance or 401K), a little bit to get through this tragic time in our history. To thank you for your mask purchase, I will allow you to take 50% off any original print price or poster, just send me a pic of you wearing one of my masks.

The New Way

Shot 4/30/20

3 Layer Quilted fabric, you can hand wash and air dry (quickly) over 100 times!

These great mask's are washable, and adjustable!

We will be wearing masks for a while, why not wear a cool one!


MFA St Pete

New St Petersburg Images!!!

Support the Arts while being fashionably responsible!