Mark Byron Stole My ART!!!

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Hello my Cincinnati and Covington friends, remember me? I visited this amazing area back in 2015 during the Opening Day Celebrations in April and again in July for the All Star Game Week events to shoot 117 landmarks and local "hot-spots" with Nudes in front of them. My name is Harvey Drouillard, I practice a rare Art-form that has become well known around the world. I am just like most Artists, I am spending way more time and money on creating my art than selling it. I have shot over 3000 locations now in 35 cities across North America.​

I can tell you from experience that fame and fortune, do not always go together ("it takes 20 years to become an over night success"). The fact is it's a lot of hard work to be a full-time Artist, and it is full of pitfalls and snakes. Over the years you lose or give away or otherwise "forget" your best work all over the country, but it is another thing entirely to have a bonafide scam artist steal it right in front of your face and then laugh at you!

Not only have I been a victim of theft by a scam artist with deep pockets, I have been warned by the police that I am on the verge of being issued a J-walking ticket if I am not "%100", for asking a simple question. The question was,"is he allowed to follow me around town and then say I am chasing him down the street?" Which is what he, Mark Byron reported to the police.

"You drive a $600 van, what can you do to me?"

​= Mark Byron (professional photographer)

SHAME on Mark Byron (513) 373-5555, the owner of Gallery OTR, located within 2 city blocks of over a dozen locations I photographed in 2015 and 2016. I had the unfortunate experience of meeting Mark Byron at The Righteous Room, near Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse. I just gave the bartender a Cincy 2018 calendar and she said "the guy sitting next to you is a photographer too! I bet he would love to see your work." The second Mark Byron saw the cover he said " Dude I know who you are! everyone does! I am about to have a grand opening at my new gallery, would you show your work there?" "...the opening for 11 artists is planned for Sept 22nd but we could have a special show for you on the 23rd." At this point we had over a week to pull the show off, which I was going to have a Lady Godiva riding nude down the street on a horse! 

Monday, Sept 18th (the week of his "Grand opening") Mark took the day off for his birthday! At this point absolutely NOTHING had been done to prepare for showing my work. I sent him an email on Tues the 19th (because this man-child would not be "bothered" on his birthday) titled "do you have a plan".

The night I was offered the show I contacted my friends at Ch 9 WCPO, they were very interested in covering the opening, the next contact I had with them (WCPO) 2 days later, was to "hold that thought" because the owner is so difficult to coordinate with.

I ended up not even showing up the evening of the show because I was not going to "put my signature" on a half-ass show by a wanna-be mover and shaker. Most importantly I did not want to directly introduce anyone to this guy. I tried to let him down easy by making up a story he could play off as the reason I didn't show, but the fact was, Mark Byron was not worthy of having me in attendance. I hope my fans understand why I didn't show, this guy is scum.

I just wanted it to be over so I could get my things and leave for home. When I finally tracked him down 3 days later, he had removed all my art (21 pieces) said it was in storage until I paid him back $1000 to show my work! Mark said " I had to buy wine and beer and cheese, do you know how expensive that is?" Then he promptly called the Cincinnati Police dept. and said "Someone" is in my gallery, I have asked him to leave several times and I think he was recently arrested for drugs!" I have never been arrested for anything but making my Art, and that 1 case 20 years ago was dismissed. I was not going to try and get the cops to do anything because it was now a civil matter. So I made a sandwich-board to tell the world about this thief.

It is now necessary for me to sue for damages and the return of my property which includes:16- 13"x19" originals valued at $1800 each, 1- 24"x36" print (that was hanging in my house for 20 years) value of $3600,

​4 Jumbo prints 1 of MOTR pub, 1 of The Cincinnati Music Hall, 1 of a construction crew working on the streetcar track installation and 1 of the Streetcar. These are up to 7 feet long by 42" these are only on plotter paper so they are only $1000 each. All this and he even kept my carrying bag full of 10 calendars!

And he is LAUGHING!!! He is actually using a photo of ME wearing my sandwich-board stating " Mark Byron stole my Art, and Mark Byron is a Thief" on his facebook page, he thinks it's funny!

I am looking for a Lawyer that will accept my Art in exchange for suing Mark Byron, and/or supporters of my Art to please speak with me by purchasing a calendar, Original print, commission me, or chip in on the "Sue the Bastard" legal fund, you can send as little as a buck through paypal. It costs $10 a day to park in the lot next to his gallery waiting for my property.

​I just want all my art back.  

%100 of "extra funds" not needed for legal proceeding and expenses will be donated to help the poor Americans in Puerto Rico. Please help.